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Data Drives Transactions

Through “VIP - Vpon Infinitive Prospect” process, Vpon accumulates, proceeds, and optimizes data continuously in Asia. Powered by machine learning, the data can formulate segmentation model, and hence optimize mobile marketing strategy through programmatic buying and real-time bidding (RTB)?engine to maximum return on investment (ROI) for Vpon's clients. After campaigns, the refined data and predictive model will also be ingested into Vpon's database, resulting in an infinite loop to drive transactions even more effectively.

Vpon Infinitive Prospect - VIP

Data Collection
Vpon collects massive data in the Greater China and Asia
Our database expands and enriches with first, second, and third-party data sources
Data Analytics
Hadoop combined with Apache Spark accelerates the process to build prediction models
Visualization tools help data scientists analyze data and improve performance timely
Activation Preparation
Vpon delivers ads through various programmatic buying platforms worldwide
Vpon's DSP can bid in real time within 4 milliseconds
Ad optimization is utilized with advanced techniques, such as “Retargeting”, “Look-alike Audience” technology, etc.
Campaign managers bring with rich industrial know-how and insights into each campaigns
Result Generation
Performance result is generated and collected from RFM analysis that can be used to understand consumer?behavior
Result Data Ingestion
Result data is verified by multiple third party anti-cheat platforms
Vpon's processing capability supports heavy traffic loads through Auto Scaling

User coverage hits a new record high!

Biddable inventory
per day
Unique devices
per month


Vpon Participating in Mumbrella Asia Travel Marketing Summit 2019

Vpon Big Data Group partners with Want Media to drive their data-driven transformation

Vpon Japan’s Big Data Inbound Seminar 2019 – Kyoto, Japan

Career Sharing at Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

2018 Vpon HK “Go For the Gold” Annual Dinner


Vpon has successfully serviced 1500+ brands in Asia



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